Little Thunder Hawk Care

Alexis Jensen, Desi Unzen, Ryan Lalim- Coordinators
Sanford Education Center 
412 South 13th Street
320-269-6538 ext 3206 (office)- (*Please leave the coordinators messages on the office phone unless it's directly related to them as a teacher, then use the extension listed below)

- Infant Room(ext 3201)  -  *Alexis Jensen
- Toddler Room (ext 3202)  -   Amber Rothmeier, Alycia Flickinger
- 3 and 4 yr old Preschool (ext 3204)  -  *Desi Unzen, Jaxton Henning
- 4 and 5 yr old Preschool (ext 3200)  -  Nancy Robarge, Beth Smith 

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We currently only offer a weekly rate, you do not need to be here all days but the rate will not change on how many days you come. 

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