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Andrew Stenson
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Joe Helgeson
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Kelly Snell

Tyler Sachariason
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Travis Birhanzl

Becky Pauling
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The board meets regularly on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room located in the Montevideo Middle School. Special meeting notices are posted on the bulletin board by the Superintendent's Office in the Montevideo Middle School and placed in the Montevideo American-News whenever possible.

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend these open meetings. If a citizen wishes to address the Board, they should call 320-269-8833, at least three days prior to a meeting.


Prior to allowing anyone to address the board, the Montevideo Public School’s Board of Education wishes to clarify the procedures through which people may address the board. 

As a public meeting, meetings of the Board of Education are meetings held in public but are not meetings of the public.   The address the board portion of the board meeting is an opportunity for the board to take input from the public about an issue or issues.  The board may, and does, require that people wishing to address the board make such a request in advance of the meeting.  Such requests shall be made either to the office of the Superintendent of Schools or to the Chairman of the Board of Education.

The board of education may, at its discretion, impose certain limitations or other guidelines on addressing the board.  Such limitations and/or guidelines might include but are not limited to:

·        Imposing a time limit per speaker;

·        Imposing a time limit per topic;

·        Requesting that, when more than one individual is addressing a topic, the comments not be repetitive in nature;

·        Requesting that, when possible, large groups select one or two spokespersons; and

·        Request that those addressing the board be arranged by topic

The following rules of order will be imposed during the Address the Board portion of the meeting:

·        Only one person may address the board at a time; 

·        Individuals addressing the board may do so only after being recognized by the board chair; 

·        Once recognized, the individual addressing the board may speak only to policy issues; 

·        Persons addressing the board may not direct questions to (interrogate) other individuals;

·        The board will not accept public statements respective to any individuals, whether they be administrators, staff, students or other parents; 

·        Anyone with concerns relative to an individual should submit those concerns in writing and they will be dealt with accordingly through the appropriate administrative channels; and

- Personal attacks or comments will be ruled out of order and will terminate the individual's right to address the board.

2021-2122 School Board Meeting Dates:
August 9, 2021 (August 16, 2021 due to lack of Quorum)
September 13, 2021 (September 16, 2021 due to lack of Quorum)
October 11, 2021
November 8, 2021 
December 13, 2021
January 10, 2022
February 14, 2022
March 14, 2022
April 11, 2022 
May 9
, 2022
June 13, 2022
June 27, 2022