Early Childhood Screening

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Early Childhood Screening is a careful check of your child's health, well-being and development.  The results of the screening will help to identify needs that may require special attention before your child enters school.  It is also an opportunity to gain information on available resources for your child.

The program does not make recommendations as to whether or not your child is ready for kindergarten.

Who is required to be screened?

All children living in District 129, who are between 3 1/2 and 4 years old, NEED to participate in the FREE screening program before entering kindergarten or have an equivalent screening from a doctor.

When should the screening be done?

The best time to have your child screened is when he/she is between 3 1/2 and 4 years.  This provides time to work on any concerns that may be identified.

What does the screening include?

*Vision and Hearing Check
*Height and Weight
*Immunization Review
*Developmental and Speech Progress
*Family Information Review

How do I make an appointment?

Call the Community Education Office at 269-5026 regarding screening times and appointments

Are you Connected?

Are you connected to the Montevideo Public Schools?
Please call the Community Education Office at 320-269-5026 or email [email protected] if....
     *You are a new resident of Montevideo and have young children
     *Your family status has increased
     *Your address or phone number has changed within the Montevideo Area
Montevideo census numbers help determine the amount of levy funding that our school district receives from the state of Minnesota.  These funds determine the amount of services that Early Childhood Family Programs can offer in our community.