Facility Usage/Rentals

 Rental Agreement Form

Independent School District #129 encourages the citizens of the district to use one of the community's greatest assets, the school buildings and facilities.  To insure desired efficiency and care of all facilities, the school district has adopted the following regulations and charges.  Your cooperation is needed to implement these policies.


1.  Regular school activities and organizations of the school shall have first priority in the use of any school facility.
2.  All activities must have competent adult supervision.
     a.  Custodians shall supervise facility operation, but not the rental group or its activities.
     b.  Applicants must supply any special supervision required by the school district. 
     (police protection, parking supervision)
3.  Any equipment brought into a building or facility must have prior approval of the Superintendent's Office or the Community Education Office and must be removed promptly following the activity.
4.  Furniture and equipment owned by the school district shall not be moved unless prior approval is received from the Superintendent's Office or Community Education Office.  Use of school district equipment must be applied for at the same time as facility application is made.  (See equipment rental fee schedule.)
5.  All groups renting school facilities shall clean up after themselves and return the room/facility to its original order.  Destroyed or damaged property or equipment must be replaced or repaired by the renter.
6.  All local/state ordinances and laws pertaining to use of public buildings and facilities must be observed.
     a.  Gambling and drinking/possession of intoxicants on school grounds is prohibited.
     b.  Smoking is prohibited in all school buildings and on all school grounds.
     c.  All local and state ordinances and laws of the police and fire departments must be observed.
7.  Churches desiring the use of school facilities for worship services must have the approval of the Board of Education.
8.  Putting materials of any kind of floors, walls or other parts of the building requires permission from the Superintendent's Office or Community Education Office.
9.  A "Stage Crew" is available for assisting in school programs.  Their services are not included as part of the rental agreement.  Outside groups wishing to use the "Stage Crew" will be required to make arrangements with the crew and PROVIDE COMPENSATION TO THEM.
10.  Groups wishing to use the indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, softball and baseball fields and all non-school athletic, recreation, and enrichment groups must apply for use at the Community Education Office.  (320-269-5026)
11.  No rentals will be accepted for longer than one year in advance.